Last year around this time, I told you what my Top5 Holiday Movies were...this year I'm flipping things around and giving you my least favorites. What are yours?

Frosty Returns

Why did they have to ruin the perfectly good "Frosty the Snowman" with a cheesy sequel?


Any "Home Alone" after the second one.

Full disclosure: I've never even bothered to see any of them after "Lost In New York" maybe my judgement is unfair. But I prefer to look at it from the viewpoint that they are SO bad, they're not worth my time.


The Entire "Santa Clause" trilogy.

I've only seen these movies because I have a large family full of little cousins who enjoy it, and somehow the viewing hours always line up just right that I end up sitting through an entire one.


Love Actually

I actually just saw this for the first time recently, at the request of my fiancee. Even she didn't like it. I could devote countless paragraphs to why it's bad, and I may do that in a future edition of [Celluloid Hero], but let's just say it's bad from top to bottom.


A Christmas Story

Okay...before you attack me, hear me out.  This movie was included as an Honorable Mention in my Top 5 list, so you may wonder why it also made my Bottom 5. Well, as I said before, television has ruined this. I have no problem with the movie itself; I think it's very well done in fact. Good acting, good writing, memorable scenes. The problem is, I cannot handle the day-long marathon anymore. I've never understood exactly why they chose THIS movie to run all day, as opposed to different versions of "A Christmas Carol" or something. All I know is that my heart shrinks like the Grinch whenever someone decides to leave the TV tuned to this ALL. DAY. LONG.