Normally I do a Top 5 list, but I really just found it too hard to eliminate a lot of these movies from the top. These are my faves, what are yours?

Instead of ranking the movies, I'm actually going to take them chronologically.

Louie (2012) - This is cheating since it's not a movie, but I thought his guest spot on the show "Louie" was wonderful, and kind of haunting in retrospect.


Now to the movies:


Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) - Would someone still have to go through boot camp if they wanted to be an Army DJ?  ...I'm just asking for a friend.


The Fisher King (1991) - I'm partial to movies with radio themes, and I've also loved everything Terry Gilliam has done. Williams combines his humor with really emotional dramatic acting.


Hook (1991) - I think you have this movie to thank/blame for the trend of reboots and origin stories and long-after-the-original-sequels, but it's still one I have fond memories of.


Aladdin (1992) - I'm just the right age that I enjoyed this movie as a kid, and not just in an ironic sense. I was also young enough that I wasn't burned out on Williams' frenetic style.


The Birdcage (1996) - I will stop and watch this whenever it comes on.


Good Will Hunting (1997) - The first time I saw it, I was probably just a few years too young to really appreciate it, but it's gotten better as I age.


What Dreams May Come (1998) - Beautiful visuals and a heart-breaking story.


Insomnia (2002) - A great atmospheric thriller, directed by Christopher Nolan in his pre-Batman days.


Death to Smoochy (2002) - A fantastic black comedy, teaming Williams up with Ed Norton and Danny DeVito.


One Hour Photo (2002) - A genuinely creepy and sad movie. A great moment where Williams relies purely on drama, with no comic relief.


The Final Cut (2004) - Definitely a lesser-known movie in the Williams filmography, but worth a shot. A sci-fi thriller about losing all privacy in our lives.