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Watch Andy Chase Locked Up For Ocean of Love Jail-A-Thon
I was in "jail" for about an hour or so at the Ocean County Mall while I had to raise $500 bail towards Ocean of Love. Big thanks to everyone that pitched in and helped me get out of jail and raise a lot of money for Ocean of Love.
Here are some highlights from earlier today...
NJ Teen Shows Up To Prom in a Coffin
Megan Flaherty of Pennsauken High School showed up to her junior prom on Saturday in a different sort of way than most.....In a hearse and a coffin.
Megan did check with her date first to make sure he was alright with her Prom entrance.
After graduation, Megan wants to be a Funeral Director, and she t…
Night Video of the New Seaside Heights Ferris Wheel
I was in Seaside Heights last night, and I noticed that the new Ferris Wheel at Casino Pier was all lit up. I shot some video. It looks really cool. Enjoy!
Just a little side note...The new Hydrus Roller-Coaster at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights opens TOMORROW at noon...
What The Hell Is a Fidget Spinner?
Originally, fidget spinners were made specifically for children, and adults that are "fidgety". It is designed to give you something quietly to do with your hands.
However.....It has turned into a very popular toy that all the kids are playing with...
Check Out April the Giraffe Kicking Vet in The Nuts
A few days ago, Dr. Tim went into April the Giraffe's pen to do a check up on her baby. April wasn't having any part of it.
Supposedly, April is not the biggest fan of Dr. Tim and prefers Dr. Alyssa a lot more. I don't know this 100%, but this is from what I have read online...
First Look: Construction of New Casino Pier Ferris Wheel
Everyone is talking about the new rides coming to Casino Pier this Summer.
Of course, we have seen videos and pictures of Hydrus, the new thrill-ride coaster that is almost completed but we haven't heard or seen much about the new Ferris Wheel that is being built...
WATCH: Andy Chase NOT Giving Birth to Baby Giraffe
For the past two weeks or so, the world has been waiting and watching on social media for April the pregnant Giraffe to give birth. The headline has been saying she could give birth "ANY SECOND". Well, "any second" has been going on for weeks now.

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