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Check Out Dave Grohl Covering “Cinnamon Girl” [VIDEO]
On July 4th, The Foo Fighters played a concert in Washington D.C on the 20th anniversary of the release of their self-titled debut album, but earlier in the day, Dave Grohl joined original Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen, Blind Melon guitarist Christopher Thorn, Jonny Kaplan and Foo Fighters keyb…
And Now We Have Gators in NJ [VIDEO]
There has been plenty of shark talk in New Jersey for the past few months, but now we're talking alligators in New Jersey.
Yup.....Officials removed a 4 foot alligator from the Passaic River this morning
The gator was spotted Wednesday morning by a fisherman at the Elmwood Park Marina along the P…
Powerful Storm Hits Pinelands Regional Graduation [VIDEO]
Pinelands Regional High School Graduation was this past Tuesday Night when some powerful storms moved through the Jersey Shore.
Brendan Solovey was one of the students graduating when the skies opened up. While everyone was running for cover, Brendan did EXACTLY what any high school graduate should h…
Help Police Identify This Vandal in Toms River [VIDEO]
A video has been captured of a man who knocked over one of the statues on loan from the Seward Johnson Grounds For Sculpture in downtown Toms River.
If you recognize the man please call Toms River Police Department @ 732-349-0150 Please share this post to reach as many people as possible...
Lead Singer Catches A Beer While Crowd Walking [MUST SEE VIDEO]
The band is called John Coffey, and they are a Dutch punk band. Of course the band name John Coffey is a based on the main character from the movie Green Mile
I'm not familiar with the band, the band members, their music etc, BUT the lead singer  might have just won the award for coolest le…
You Gotta See This World Record Basketball Shot [VIDEO]
A bunch of friends from Perth, Australia, known as "How Ridiculous" has just set the world record for making a basketball shot.
The shot was made from the top of the Gordon Dam in Tasmania.....415 FEET HIGH!!!!!!
No idea how many attempts it took, but it's absolutely incredible.…
Check Out the House Andy Chase Grew Up In [VIDEO]
As most of you know, I grew up in Staten Island, New York, but before that I lived in Chicago. My parents were both originally from New York but moved to Chicago for my dad's job. (I actually was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but that's for another time lol)

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