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Sharknado 3 Premieres Tonight!! [VIDEO]
That's right....There is a 3rd!!!!
"Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No" is on the Syfy Channel tonight at 9p, and Washington D.C and the ENTIRE East coast isn't safe.
Ian Ziering and Tara Reid are back along with David Hasselhoff, Bo Derek, Jerry Springer, Marc Cuban, and plenty of other celebrity came…
Let’s Go Fowling! [VIDEO]
That's right.......FOWLING!! It's a sport (maybe). Well at least in Michigan it IS something that combines a football and bowling pins.
Chris Hutt invented the game while tailgating at the Indianapolis 500, and the rules are pretty simple...
Andy Chase & Varacchi Eating Potato Chips [VIDEO]
I know, I know....Eating chips in the Hawk studio is not very exciting (or maybe it is!!), but there was actually a reason for it.
Our good friends at "Lay's Potato Chips" is holding their "Do Us a Flavor" competition where normal everyday people have submitte…
Guy Drives His Girl Crazy with Claw Grabber [FUNNY VIDEO]
This video is hysterical. This is something I would definitely do. The girl tells the dude with the claw "Go away" at lease half a dozen times.
Have to give him credit, He actually got pretty good using the thing. He absolutely got his money's worth...
Video of Plane Landing on Rt. 72 in Manahawkin
On Sunday, a small plane carrying five passengers had to make an emergency on Rt 72 in Manahawkin. Just a little while ago, police released video footage of the actual landing. Thankfully no one on the plane, or vehicles on the ground were injured
Video released by Stafford PD moments ago shows pl…
There STILL is Snow in Boston [VIDEO]
Yup!!! Can you believe it? It's July and they still have snow!!!!! You see..... It just has not melted yet
This past winter, Boston received over 110 inches of snow (approx 9 feet) Even with the near 90 degree summer temps, snow still remains
Check Out Dave Grohl Covering “Cinnamon Girl” [VIDEO]
On July 4th, The Foo Fighters played a concert in Washington D.C on the 20th anniversary of the release of their self-titled debut album, but earlier in the day, Dave Grohl joined original Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen, Blind Melon guitarist Christopher Thorn, Jonny Kaplan and Foo Fighters keyb…
And Now We Have Gators in NJ [VIDEO]
There has been plenty of shark talk in New Jersey for the past few months, but now we're talking alligators in New Jersey.
Yup.....Officials removed a 4 foot alligator from the Passaic River this morning
The gator was spotted Wednesday morning by a fisherman at the Elmwood Park Marina along the P…

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