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This Dog LOVES it’s Minion [VIDEO]
There is a lot of hate in the world. A lot of anger. A lot of negativity!!!
Let's change that for a few moments shall we! This dog isn't showing any anger now is he?? The Minion might not be so happy bout this but oh well......
As a bonus...
Synchronized Swimming to Led Zeppelin [VIDEO]
This video is a few years old, but I just stumbled upon it today.
Back in 2009,  The Spanish synchronized swimming team won the gold medal at the World Swimming Championships in Rome, with a performance using Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven"
It's pretty awesome...
Insane Chinese Warehouse Explosion [VIDEO]
Watch all the way through..There are three separate explosions. This happened yesterday in a chemical warehouse in the town of Tianjin, China
Among the 50 confirmed dead are 12 firefighters, officials said Thursday. More than 500 people are hospitalized, 71 in critical condition, the state-run Xinhua…
Al Leiter’s Anti-Drug Message to Ocean County [VIDEO]
The Ocean County Prosecutor's office has teamed up with former major league baseball player Al Leiter on the fight against drugs and prescription drugs.
Al Leiter who played for the N.Y Mets & Yankees, is now an analyst for the MLB Network. Leiter grew up in Ocean County, went to Central Regional…
Sharknado 3 Premieres Tonight!! [VIDEO]
That's right....There is a 3rd!!!!
"Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No" is on the Syfy Channel tonight at 9p, and Washington D.C and the ENTIRE East coast isn't safe.
Ian Ziering and Tara Reid are back along with David Hasselhoff, Bo Derek, Jerry Springer, Marc Cuban, and plenty of other celebrity came…
Let’s Go Fowling! [VIDEO]
That's right.......FOWLING!! It's a sport (maybe). Well at least in Michigan it IS something that combines a football and bowling pins.
Chris Hutt invented the game while tailgating at the Indianapolis 500, and the rules are pretty simple...
Andy Chase & Varacchi Eating Potato Chips [VIDEO]
I know, I know....Eating chips in the Hawk studio is not very exciting (or maybe it is!!), but there was actually a reason for it.
Our good friends at "Lay's Potato Chips" is holding their "Do Us a Flavor" competition where normal everyday people have submitte…

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