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Some “Feel Good Friday” Videos for Ya!
It's been a stressful week dealing with all of this crappy weather. All the talk of Hurricane Joaquin and of course the Nor'Easter-like weather we are dealing with now, we need something happy!!!
How bout dogs doing some swimming? How bout puppies playing in leaves...
Seaside Heights Preparing for Joaquin [VIDEO]
I took a ride to Seaside Heights this morning to see how they are preparing for Hurricane Joaquin this weekend. The town isn't taking any chances. Preparations have already begun.
On the North side of Casino Pier, workers are building temporary dunes to hopefully protect the boardwalk from a sto…
Get Pumped for the NY Mets Post Season Run [VIDEOS]
The New York Mets are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2006!! They are the National League East Champs!!
They face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the first round which kicks off Friday October 9th. The only question at this point, is which team has home field advantage
“Rocky Horror” Back in Theaters For Halloween Season
The Cult Classic "Rocky Horror Picture Show" turns 40 this year!!! Remember the "Time Warp"?
It was originally released September 26th, 1975
To celebrate, AMC Movie Theaters will be showing it Fridays and Saturdays at 10p through Halloween
Click here to find out whic…
Todd Frazier’s National Anthem “Stand-off” [VIDEO]
It's a long season and baseball players have to find some way of keeping themselves entertained, so apparently there is a thing that major league baseball players do where they have a "stand-off" against a player on the opposing team of who can stand on the field the longest w…
NJ Gov. Chris Christie Highlights From Republican Debate [VIDEO]
While the world is constantly being hit over the head with Donald Trump soundbites every single minute, our Governor of NJ had some important things to say last night during the debates.
Love him or hate him, I think he did a great job by telling Trump, Carly Fiorina, and the other candidates to shut…
Tailgating Gone Wrong For This Guy!! [VIDEO]
Ah yes..... Football is back!! All the great Sunday stuff is happening again There is beer. Food. And more beer
It gets even crazier when you go to a football game and all the shenanigans of a good tailgate party occur.
Women Wearing Sexy Halloween Costumes [VIDEO]
I know we are barely halfway through September and it's crazy that we are already talking about Halloween. The stores have the candy out. They have the Halloween stuff on display already. It'll  be here before you know it.
And believe it or not...Card stores ALREADY have Thanksgiving c…
Awesome Vehicle Jump For No Reason At All [VIDEO]
There is no back story to this. Not really sure there is a reason for this except to make a cool video but.....It appears to be just a dude driving a SUV on a road that is on fire. When the road ends, the guy bails.
And it's all in slow motion...

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