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Put Andy Chase to Work at Your Business
That's right! I want to come to your office, job site, or whatever type of company it is, and work for a little bit.
You've seen the shows on TV and online where you get to see what goes on "behind the scenes" of different businesses.
We decided to do something similar, but…
Andy Chase Put To Work-Baking Cookies [SPONSORED]
This post is sponsored by Lala’s Gourmet Cookies. Lala’s Gourmet Cookies is a paying advertiser of this website and provided compensation for this post.
I'm back at work doing another Jersey Shore Job!!
Last week Varacchi and I were making pizza and today I was making cookies at Lala's Gourmet Cookies…
Ohio Governor Will Reunite Pink Floyd if Elected President [VIDEO]
In a recent interview with CNN, Ohio Governor, and Presidential hopeful, John Kasich was asked what his favorite concert was.
He answered Pink Floyd's The Wall. He also went on to say that if he is elected President of the United States, he will "try to reunite Pink Floyd to come togeth…
Bad Lip Reading is Back!!- NFL 2016 [VIDEO]
Bad Lip Reading is one of the greatest things you can see on the internet.
If you are not familiar with Bad Lip Reading, what they do is very simple.The producers for the "Bad Lip Reading" dub their own voices over NFL clips, movie clips, and presidential clips...
Andy Chase & Varacchi Make Pizza [VIDEO] [SPONSORED]
his post is sponsored by Johnny G’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant. Johnny G’s is a paying advertiser of this website and provided compensation for this post.
I have always wanted to make pizza. With real ingredients. In a real pizza oven. And.... In an actual pizzeria...Today I got my chance. It …
Springsteen Crowd Surfing at the Prudential Center [VIDEO]
Last Night at the Prudential Center, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played for as non-stop three and a half hours!!!
My buddy Mike was at the show with amazing floor seats and was right there when Bruce decided to do some crowd surfing during "Hungry Heart"...
F-35 Navy Jet Caused Today’s Sonic Boom [VIDEO]
According to a military statement, a Navy Fighter Plane caused today's sonic boom that rattled South Jersey and the Jersey Shore
"Today, an F-35C from Naval Air Station Patuxent River, MD was conducting supersonic testing in a cleared military flight area off the East Coast around 1:30 …
Cut To The Chase- Decaf Coffee [VIDEO]
What the hell is up with decaf??? I just don't get it. I watched someone order it today, and it hit me that it's absolutely pointless!!! What purpose does it serve?
Decaf....Why? Help me understand please
It’s Snowing- Gotta Get The Bread and Milk!!!!! [VIDEO]
When it snows, it's time for comedian Vic DiBitetto!!!!
This is absolutely perfect for when it snows! People lose their mind.
Everyone loves this video, and if you haven't seen it yet, I don't know what to tell you besides Wake up!!!!! ...It's hysterical...Enjoy!!
Springsteen Pays Tribute to Glenn Frey [VIDEO]
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band brought "The River 2016" tour to the United Center in Chicago last night.
Just like he did in Pittsburgh last week by remembering David Bowie, Springsteen payed tribute to Glenn Frey of the Eagles by playing an acoustic version of  "Take It Easy&…

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