WATCH: Andy Chase NOT Giving Birth to Baby Giraffe
For the past two weeks or so, the world has been waiting and watching on social media for April the pregnant Giraffe to give birth. The headline has been saying she could give birth "ANY SECOND". Well, "any second" has been going on for weeks now.
Want to Drink Beer AND Get Paid $12,000?
I definitely wouldn't mind traveling around the country and getting paid to drink beer.
Once again, World of Beer is currently looking for a few "Drink It" interns who will visit a crazy amount of breweries in the U.S and around the world this Summer, drink lots of beer, and post your adven…
Wind Brings Down Huge Tree on School Bus in Lakewood this Morning
The crazy weather continued this morning with New Jersey feeling all four seasons in a 36 hour period. Yesterday's temperatures were in the 70's, and today we woke up to temperatures in the 40's with wind gusts close to 50 mph.
That wind caused havoc on our trees where a large tree cam…

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