Night Video of the New Seaside Heights Ferris Wheel
I was in Seaside Heights last night, and I noticed that the new Ferris Wheel at Casino Pier was all lit up. I shot some video. It looks really cool. Enjoy!
Just a little side note...The new Hydrus Roller-Coaster at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights opens TOMORROW at noon...
Watch Aaron Judge Smash A TV At Yankee Stadium
As a Yankee fan, I've gotten in the habit of stopping everything to watch Aaron Judge's at-bats. I've seen mammoth home runs, I've seen him almost kill an opposing pitcher, and now I've seen him smash the furniture at Yankee Stadium.
Your browser does not support iframes...
Yes…..The McDonald’s “Frork” Is a Real Thing
So McDonald's has come up with a utensil that you can eat that is made out of French Fries. It's made out of plastic too. I'm 100% Serious, and it will be available on Friday, May 5th.
Instead of me trying to explain this to you, just check out the video...
What The Hell Is a Fidget Spinner?
Originally, fidget spinners were made specifically for children, and adults that are "fidgety". It is designed to give you something quietly to do with your hands.
However.....It has turned into a very popular toy that all the kids are playing with...
A 350 Foot Polercoaster is Coming to Atlantic City
This looks crazy but looks pretty awesome as well.  Developers are building a 350 ft vertical rollercoaster.....I mean "Polercoaster", on the Atlantic City boardwalk.
The coaster along with bars, restaurants, retail shops, and more is to built on the site of the former Sands Ca…
Check Out April the Giraffe Kicking Vet in The Nuts
A few days ago, Dr. Tim went into April the Giraffe's pen to do a check up on her baby. April wasn't having any part of it.
Supposedly, April is not the biggest fan of Dr. Tim and prefers Dr. Alyssa a lot more. I don't know this 100%, but this is from what I have read online...

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