Caller “Goes Off” on Governor Christie on the Radio
It is now official.....Governor Chris Christie's approval rating is at an all-time low with him being at only 15%.
His popularity was been already dwindling, but it has dropped even more ESPECIALLY with him sitting on the beach at Island Beach State Park when it was closed to the public 4th of July W…
Hammerhead Shark Caught on South Jersey Beach
Check out this video of a four foot Hammerhead Shark caught  by a fisherman at Sunset Beach in Cape May over the weekend .
Spectators took a couple pictures, and then they released the shark back into the water.
Junk Rock Coming to Seaside Heights This Summer
Every Thursday during July and August this Summer, Junk Rock Drums is coming to the boardwalk in Seaside Heights. The fun begins Thursdays at 4p til 7p.
What is Junk Rock? It is kind of reminds me of Blue Man Group, but without blue men.
It actually looks like it is going to be a lot of fun for everyo…

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