Receive Free Mets Tickets if You Donate Blood on Friday
Now I know the Mets are not having a great season, and fans are disappointed, but now they want our blood?? LOL
Well, the Mets don't want our blood, BUT the New York Blood Center needs it....Badly!
According to the Patch, The New York Blood Center provides blood and services to nearly 200 hospitals in…
Jets Football is One Month Away!!
Actually, it's less than a month away. Their first preseason game is August 12th!!!
Now we are fully aware that the expectations for the Jets this year are not that good. But hey you never know. Maybe they will surprise us this year and be competitive.
Caller “Goes Off” on Governor Christie on the Radio
It is now official.....Governor Chris Christie's approval rating is at an all-time low with him being at only 15%.
His popularity was been already dwindling, but it has dropped even more ESPECIALLY with him sitting on the beach at Island Beach State Park when it was closed to the public 4th of July W…

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