Saturday Night Slaughterhouse

10 Baseball Movies for MLB Opening Day
The grass is just a little bit greener, the hot dogs and pretzels smell just a little bit tastier and, despite what the thermometer outside may say, it always feels just a bit warmer. Welcome to Major League Baseball's Opening Day for the 2014 season!
Ronnie James Dio ‘This is Your Life’ Compilation
This coming Tuesday, April 1st,  a Ronnie James Dio compilation album hits stores. Rock & roll royalty have all signed on to be a part of this amazing tribute. Bands like Metallica, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Motorhead and Anthrax have all recorded their versions of Dio classics.
Trailer Released for ‘Super Duper Alice Cooper’
'Super Duper Alice Cooper' is the new documentary that shows the transformation from Vincent Furnier to the theatrical rock and roll superstar, known as Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper was considered the founding father of a whole new genre known as 'shock rock...

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