Saturday Night Slaughterhouse

10-Year Old Girl Rocks to Slayer’s War Ensemble
This 10-year old girl will blow your mind with how she rocks out to Slayer's hit song 'War Ensemble.' The background vocals from the little girl to her left aren't too shabby either!
Check out the amazing guitar performance below!
Glastallica: Metallica create intro for Glastonbury
Metallica took a lot of flack leading up to the Glastonbury Festival. The band was met with a lot of critics and comments over the decision to have them as the headliners.
Metallica decided to fire back at their critics in the most creative way possible...
Rock Tribute to the Troops Playlist
There may be no genre of music that shows their support for our troops more so than hard rock and heavy metal. As we spend this Memorial Day weekend with our loved ones, there are military personnel all over the world fighting for our freedom...
Criss Performs with Zombie
The fans at the Susquehanna Bank Center got an extra-special treat during heavy-metal- master Rob Zombie's show. Not only did Zombie did the metal/horror icon perform an amazing Kiss cover of 'God of Thunder.' but he brought up a special guest to perform it as well...

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