The Mental Impact From The Superstorm
Although the massive amounts of debris from Superstorm Sandy have been hauled away, the emotional scars remain almost a year later.  For many of us, they will never leave.  But there is help out there.
Diana Nyad Swims for Sandy Relief
Diana Nyad, the 64-year-old woman who recently made headlines for her daring and successful record-breaking 110-mile swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida without a shark cage, is currently on a 48-hour swim to raise money for Sandy relief.
“Sandy” Debris Removal from Waterways 95% Complete
One of the biggest questions facing boaters this summer is whether the waterways will be safe from debris washed into the bay from Hurricane Sandy.

According to Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin, the waterways are "95 percent complete" Check out the Lacey-Patc…

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