Show Us Your Snow!! [PHOTOS]
We want to see what's going on where you live. Take pictures of the snow in your neighborhood,  yard, etc .
If you are having a "Snow Party", we want to see those pics too. Be careful and HAVE FUN!!!!
When you post the pictures to Instagram, type #HawkSnow2015 where it says "write a cap…
Varacchi Is A One-Man Wolfpack
Over the long weekend, Varacchi took a mini-vacation to Lancaster PA.  The trip included a visit to a wolf sanctuary, and you can check out the picture here!
Winter in Seaside Heights [PHOTOS]
The last week or so has been pretty cold, so with today having plenty of sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures, I decided to take a (long overdue) walk on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.
Of course it was quiet. Nice and quiet......Just a few other walkers, along with me, to feel the sun on our fac…
Lovely Christina’s Ugly Christmas Sweater
Lovely Christina is off this afternoon since she had to wake up super early to do traffic on television this morning for "Good Day New York" on Fox 5.
They had an "Ugly Christmas Sweater " segment on the show this morning.
Here is her sweater
Here is the rest of the crew from Good D…
Throwback Thursday-Hurricane Sandy Aftermath [PHOTOS]
Hurricane Sandy hit 2 years ago yesterday, but today is the day when we realized exactly how much devastation took place.
As soon as the sun came up on that Tuesday morning, we got the first look at what Hurricane Sandy did to us, and the realization of the long road ahead that we were facing...

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