Sea Bass Bomb Detonates Sunday
The sea bass season re-opens this Sunday, and if catch ‘n toss ‘em action on the party and charter boats the past two to three weeks is an indication, it will be a rip-snorting rod bender.
Catch A Fishing Tournament in LBI, Get Crabby
Fishing tournaments centered around striped bass and bluefish are springing up like May dandelions, some offering 100% paybacks, some donating part of the entry fees to a specific cause or charity, and some more giving it all to the former.
A Quack Up Weekened
35th Annual Decoy & Gunning Show this Saturday and Sunday at Tip Seaman Park and the Tuckerton Seaport, both located on Route 9 opposite each other in the hamlet of Tuckerton in southern Ocean County.

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