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Andy Chase and “Hollywood” Talk Powerball [VIDEO]
The Powerball jackpot tonight is $500 million dollars!!
So to make sure she still got her camera time, "Hollywood" Phyllis came into the studio to talk about the 6th largest lottery in U.S history.
The odds of winning? One in 292.2 million...
NJ Gov. Chris Christie Highlights From Republican Debate [VIDEO]
While the world is constantly being hit over the head with Donald Trump soundbites every single minute, our Governor of NJ had some important things to say last night during the debates.
Love him or hate him, I think he did a great job by telling Trump, Carly Fiorina, and the other candidates to shut…
Gov Christie & Springsteen No Longer Pals
It looks like they are no longer BFF!!
Last night, Governor Christie appeared on Fox's Hannity show to talk politics and his bid for President of the United States
The subject of Springsteen also came up, and Governor Christie has declared that he and Bruce are no longer buds anymore, but him and…
Gene Simmons Served Search Warrant
A search warrant was served at the Los Angeles home of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, but the rocker and his family are NOT considered suspects according to authorities.
Jon Stewart’s Final “Daily Show” Airs Tonight
Stewart is stepping down after sixteen years of hosting duties on The Daily Show. It's hard to pick just one favorite moment, but I want to do a #throwbackthursday to a segment that I think changed the public's view of Stewart from a late-night comedian to a legitimate political influencer…

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