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In the Battle of the Buildings, Freedom Wins
The gorgeous and highly symbolic Freedom Tower in New York City was up against the former Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) in Chicago for bragging rights on which was the tallest, and I'm happy to say that the Freedom Tower has been pronounced the winner.
The Wounded Warriors Canine Connection
Today, Veteran's Day, we remember and pay homage to our war veterans.
I want to tell you about a very special program that allows service members and veterans with combat stress to train service dogs for fellow wounded warriors, and you can help.
Man Sues Wife Over Ugly Children
A Chinese man sued his wife because she gave birth to what he called an "ugly" baby.
He also claimed that the baby could not be his and that she cheated on him.A paternity test did prove that the girl was his, but It turns out that the man's wife had over $100,000 in plastic su…
Campus Emergency at Central Conn. State University
One suspect is in custody and the all clear sounded at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain after the school was put on lockdown for a possible masked man seen walking on campus with a gun or knife according to NBC Connecticut.
Los Angeles Airport Gunman Is From New Jersey
Police say 23-year-old Paul Ciancia, man who opened fire with an assault rifle inside a terminal at Los Angeles Airport killing a TSA employee and wounding several others at a terminal checkpoint is from Pennsville, New Jersey.

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