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Stei Sells Seaside By The Seashore
When I joined the 105.7 The Hawk team in the spring of 2013, I knew it was a great fit. Just a few months later, they told me I would be broadcasting from the Seaside Park Boardwalk all summer, and I thought I hit the lottery! Memorial Day weekend, the party continues again as we take over Seaside P…
Stei’s Nine Truths And One Lie
The big Facebook trend is listing ten things about yourself, having nine be true and one being false. I decided to have fun with this over the air! You can guess the lie on my Facebook page (Bob Stei) or email me at bob.stei@townsquarem
Are You Ready to Win $1,000 With Us Twice a Day?
Don't you feel like it's about time you added some dollars to that bank account of yours before summer gets here? We do too, and we want to help make it happen. No, we aren't helping you get a second job, or getting you into any pyramid schemes. This is your chance to win $1,000 twice…

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