When Turkeys Attack [VIDEO]
Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and I know you are looking forward to eating some nice juicy turkey on Thursday.
Well just because you're going to enjoy it, don't assume the turkeys will!
Andy Receives a “Fart By Mail” [VIDEO]
I get all kinds of mail. Letters from Hawk listeners, Public Service Announcements, Cd's etc.
But never before have I received a "Fart By Mail".......Until this week.
I grabbed Phyllis to join. I grabbed my phone to record it, and here ya go...
Caption This Photo and Win!
I was at Laurita Winery on Saturday for their Food Truck Festival. As always, it was a lot of fun. Great food, music and of course, GREAT wine!!!
I was walking around, and I saw this happening. Of course I had to take a pic.
Tongue Twister- “Irish Wristwatch”
The Lovely Christina sent me a "meme" last night that read
Yup it's true!!!
Sure you will eventually be able to say it when you have to really think about it, but just try saying it naturally…
Awesome Andy Chase Radio Mess Up [AUDIO]
It really is shocking that this doesn't happen to me more often..... Thankfully it does not.
But sometimes, the mouth just stops working. The words are there, but they just come out wrong, OR they don't come out at all!!

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