Andy Chase – Tree Hugger (Again) for Earth Day! [VIDEO]
Today is Earth Day.
Not just today, but everyday is our duty to take care of the Earth. Go Green, don't litter, Recycle, and just make our home planet a better and a cleaner place to live.
According to the Earth Day Network:
With over one billion actions to date, Earth Day Network's A Billion Acts of G…
NJ Mall Easter Bunny Involved in Brawl [VIDEO]
Things got a little crazy at the Newport Center Mall in New Jersey on Sunday when the mall Easter Bunny got involved in a brawl with a parent.
The video does not show how the fight started, but supposedly, a father  got mad when his daughter slipped off a chair while taking an Easter Bunny photo…
Andy Chase- Fluffy Bunny Peeps Challenge [VIDEO]
What do you mean you never heard of the Fluffy Bunny Peeps Challenge???
That's OK, because there is no such thing.
Our behind the scenes digital/camera guy (we need a name for him) unexpectedly came into the studio with a box of peeps and a camera and asked me if I would like to stuff a bunch of …
While the Boss is Away, Andy Chase Will Play [VIDEO]
It wasn't just my boss who was off today, all of my co-workers from the other radio stations who also work on the 4th floor took the day off too. The hallways were empty.'s pretty well known that when I'm left to my own devices,  things happen! Plus add the fact that it&a…

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