The Classic Rock Combine – Varacchi vs Andy Chase
While future NFLers showed their talents in Indianapolis, Varacchi & Andy Chase took to the field at Toms River South to see who was the best!
Despite my loss, that was a ton of fun. Thanks again to Toms River South for letting us be stupid on their field!...
Is a Jersey Shore “Power-Town” Forming?
I read an article yesterday about a bunch of the towns in Ocean County, on the barrier island, possibly combining to be one.
I don't know exactly what the purpose of this is, but it has to do with taxes, municipalities, etc. If the bill is passed, it would combine most of the length of the count…
John Oliver Completely “Owns” Donald Trump [VIDEO]
Tomorrow (Tuesday) is "Super Tuesday". Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia all are holding their Republican Primaries.
A new poll released today by CNN shows Donald Trump with a commanding lead! He has 49% of the vot…
NJ Astronaut Wearing a Gorilla Suit Aboard The Space Station [VIDEO]
NJ Astronaut Scott Kelly has been aboard the International Space Station for almost a year now. I guess cabin fever has set in!
Kelly is set to return to Earth on Tuesday March 1st, but in the meanwhile he is having a little fun.
His twin brother (back on earth) Mark Kelly, sent him a care package abo…
My Suggestions on How to Stay Warm on the Jersey Shore This Weekend
I know it's winter and it's supposed to be cold, but this weekend we are going to have cold temperatures which we haven't had since last year back in early 2015. So get ready! It's going to be colder than normal.
Saturday's high is only going to be 21 degrees, while the high on Sunday will only be ar…
Andy Chase & Varacchi Make Pizza [VIDEO] [SPONSORED]
his post is sponsored by Johnny G’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant. Johnny G’s is a paying advertiser of this website and provided compensation for this post.
I have always wanted to make pizza. With real ingredients. In a real pizza oven. And.... In an actual pizzeria...Today I got my chance. It …
Cut To The Chase- Decaf Coffee [VIDEO]
What the hell is up with decaf??? I just don't get it. I watched someone order it today, and it hit me that it's absolutely pointless!!! What purpose does it serve?
Decaf....Why? Help me understand please
It’s Snowing- Gotta Get The Bread and Milk!!!!! [VIDEO]
When it snows, it's time for comedian Vic DiBitetto!!!!
This is absolutely perfect for when it snows! People lose their mind.
Everyone loves this video, and if you haven't seen it yet, I don't know what to tell you besides Wake up!!!!! ...It's hysterical...Enjoy!!

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