Check Out the Song “Benny Go Home”
It is almost that time where the Bennies will be heading home after another great Summer here on the Jersey Shore. Just a couple more weeks to go, and it will be Labor Day Weekend, so this song might be rolling around in your head.
The song is called "Benny Go Home", and it's b…
You Will Hook Up in Seaside Heights
Well it's not a guarantee, BUT Seaside Heights has the most singles, by percentage, than nearly any other town in the Garden State.
You don't believe me?? Click here for all the fun facts
What is NJ Asking Most on Google??
A Real Estate website called Estately was interested in finding out what questions people ask on Google, according to the state they live in.
Estately used a combination of Google Trends, and Google Auto-Complete to come up with the search results. The results are hysterical!!
Caption This Photo!
I saw something today in downtown Toms River and I thought it was pretty funny so I snapped a picture of it. Click "Read More" to check it out.
Watch What Happens When You “Face-Swap” with a Mannequin
Snapchat is a free photo sharing app for your smartphone that lets you send pictures and videos to your friends, but the picture/video can only be viewed for 10 seconds. You can also tell video "stories" to your friends but once again, for 10 seconds at a time.
They have some pretty…

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