50 Shades of Buscemi
Who needs another pretty face like Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum?  Movies need more quality actors like Steve Buscemi!   (Zane still thinks Buscemi is a good actor WITH a pretty face)
Ted 2- Official Movie Trailer [VIDEO]
Ted 2 will be in theaters this summer June 26th.
The premise is that Ted wants to prove he is "human"/legally alive so he can have a baby with his wife
There are two trailers for it. Check em out.
You gonna go see Ted 2? What do you think...
Best Snow News Bloopers
With the storm that didn't quite live up to expectations, I thought of that newscaster who complained to her weatherman on live T.V. about not delivering according to his promise.
Hysterical Patriots/Cialis Parody Commercial!! [VIDEO]
So you've heard about the controversy with the under-inflated football's that the New England Patriots used this past weekend during their victory over the Indianapolis Colts to Advance to Super Bowl XLIX vs the Seattle Seahawks on Feb 1.
Well someone put together this great parody video of…

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