Dad Punishes Kids with Old Man Haircuts [VIDEO]
Dad wasn't happy about his kid's grades on their recent report cards, and for acting like thugs, so he figured out a way to punish them......
Old man haircuts!!!
Looking at the kids faces, I have a feeling they got the message
Hysterical Basketball Fails Compilation [VIDEO]
Since the NCAA College Basketball Tournament is in full swing, and "March Madness" is at a fever pitch,  I think it's a perfect time to post a video with nothing but bloopers from basketball!!!
Whether it's on a professional level, college or just basketball hijinks i…
Epic Toilet Paper Prank on Howie Mandel [VIDEO]
OMG! While Howie Mandel was out of town, his son with the help of Roman Atwood set up a crazy prank to toilet paper his father's mansion.
4,000 toilet paper rolls were used!!!!!
When Howie Mandel arrived home later on, he was not happy with what he saw...
Traffic Reporter Falls on Live TV [VIDEO]
I hate to laugh at the expense of this poor traffic girl falling during a live report for the local CBS news affiliate in Indianapolis, Indiana, but......I did.......Repeatedly!!!
Thank fully Katie Solove wasn't injured...Just a little embarrassed...
Check out These Funny DRUNK Squirrels [VIDEOs]
It wasn't planned, but the video theme today is all about animals.
Earlier today, I posted the video of the 175 lbs pit bull, well now enjoy drunk squirrels
That's right...When squirrels eat old fruit that has fermented, they get "drunk".
I didn't know this was such a t…
A to Z Anthology – The Greatest N Song Ever
There are "earworms", then there are songs that work their way into your brain like a parasite, a virus, an infection, just eating away at your grey matter and slowly turning you into a zombie, wandering the streets muttering "narwhals narwhals"...

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