Check out These Funny DRUNK Squirrels [VIDEOs]
It wasn't planned, but the video theme today is all about animals.
Earlier today, I posted the video of the 175 lbs pit bull, well now enjoy drunk squirrels
That's right...When squirrels eat old fruit that has fermented, they get "drunk".
I didn't know this was such a t…
A to Z Anthology – The Greatest N Song Ever
There are "earworms", then there are songs that work their way into your brain like a parasite, a virus, an infection, just eating away at your grey matter and slowly turning you into a zombie, wandering the streets muttering "narwhals narwhals"...
The Laziest/Coolest Way to Go Shopping [VIDEO]
So........You need cigarettes from the grocery store, but you're just too lazy to put on shoes and take a walk to the corner store???
Well I guess that's the case for this guy, but I can't hate on him cause he found the perfect way to get what he needed from the store without leaving his apartment
Throwback Thursday- Water Freezes in Mid Air [VIDEO]
This is one of my all time favorite videos! I like to post it every now and then. I figured now is a good time to post it since everyone is complaining how cold it is outside.
News Flash.....It's not THAT cold! You want to see cold? Watch this video from Yellowknife, NWT (Northwest Territory)...

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