Awesome Andy Chase Radio Mess Up [AUDIO]
It really is shocking that this doesn't happen to me more often..... Thankfully it does not.
But sometimes, the mouth just stops working. The words are there, but they just come out wrong, OR they don't come out at all!!
Check Out What Hawk Listeners Are Searching For
Hey Hawk Listeners!!!
I'm very proud of you (and a little creeped out by you as
The people in our digital department were able to dig deep into the search engines of 105.7 The Hawk and find out what you guys (and gals) are searching for.
Simply...You would type something into "Google&q…
Todd Frazier’s National Anthem “Stand-off” [VIDEO]
It's a long season and baseball players have to find some way of keeping themselves entertained, so apparently there is a thing that major league baseball players do where they have a "stand-off" against a player on the opposing team of who can stand on the field the longest w…
Tailgating Gone Wrong For This Guy!! [VIDEO]
Ah yes..... Football is back!! All the great Sunday stuff is happening again There is beer. Food. And more beer
It gets even crazier when you go to a football game and all the shenanigans of a good tailgate party occur.
This Dog LOVES it’s Minion [VIDEO]
There is a lot of hate in the world. A lot of anger. A lot of negativity!!!
Let's change that for a few moments shall we! This dog isn't showing any anger now is he?? The Minion might not be so happy bout this but oh well......
As a bonus...
Check Out the Donald Trump Insult Generator!!
As you know by now, Donald Trump is running for President of the United States, and he certainly has a lot to say. He is taking on all the issues this country is facing, and he is DEFINITELY not holding back!! has created the "Donald Trump Insult Generator", and it is a l…

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