Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show

The Presents are Wrapped for the FBHW Holiday Break-In
Tomorrow morning (Friday) is the 15th annual Free Beer and Hot Wings Holiday Break In.
Every year, we pick a family who is going through some tough times to try to give them a holiday they might not be able to have on their own.
Listen to the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show Friday morning right here at 1…
WATCH: Free Beer & Hot Wings Segment 17
The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show stormed into the Jersey Shore this morning with a bang, going after everything from Christie and Trump to big butts and hurting kids.  Some of the best moments though came after the show ended, during their special 'Segment 17' which included an impromptu women's f…
Free Beer and Hot Wings Show Chat with Andy Chase
The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show will be live from the River Rock Marina Bar on Rt 70 in Brick on Friday Morning from 5-10. Tickets are available by clicking here
Also for the first time ever, they will be doing the Free Beer & Hot Wings "Live at Night" show at Martell'…

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