Billboard Radiothon

Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon is ONE MONTH AWAY!!
The Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon is one month away!Can you believe that??  It kicks off on Monday October 17th at 3p with the goal once again of raising $105,700 for Ocean of Love who helps families whose children are living with Cancer
Once again, I will be living high atop the "billboard&…
Ocean of Love Presents Andy Chase with Public Service Award
This past weekend, Andy Chase received the 2016 PSA Individual Award for his efforts in supporting Ocean of Love through the annual Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon, an event that raises $105,700 for the non-profit organization that supports the children with cancer in Ocean County...
Final Tally- Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon [PHOTOS]
When I came down from the Billboard at the end of the Radiothon on Friday October 23rd, the tally was $119,286. That is a tremendous number!!
Every year after the radiothon is over, people still make donations to Ocean of Love for the next few days, so we wind up with a NEW final tally
Watch Andy Come Down from the Billboard
Believe it or not, Andy is getting ready to come down from the 105.7 The Hawk Ocean of Love Billboard in epic fashion.  Even if you can't be here in person, you can still watch the whole thing LIVE from Andy's perspective!

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