Dead Whale Washes Up On Toms River Beach Today
A sad thing happened this morning on the barrier island at Chadwick Beach.A dead whale washed ashore.
The whale is approximately 30 feet long, and no word of a cause of death is known at this time.
This is the third dead whale to wash up New Jersey beaches this year
Dead whale ashore in Chadwick Beach …
Check Out April the Giraffe Kicking Vet in The Nuts
A few days ago, Dr. Tim went into April the Giraffe's pen to do a check up on her baby. April wasn't having any part of it.
Supposedly, April is not the biggest fan of Dr. Tim and prefers Dr. Alyssa a lot more. I don't know this 100%, but this is from what I have read online...
A Cat Cafe is Coming to Asbury Park
Yes.....You read the title correctly .....Now I am not really a cat guy, but cat lovers are going to love this concept. You might say it's purrr-fect! (sorry...I couldn't resist)
Catsbury Park- Tea House and Cat Lounge on Cookman Avenue, will feature teas, coffee, and snacks on one side of the cafe,…

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