This Spider Infestation Is A Pure Nightmare
Oh man I feel my skin crawling. Something just brushed the back of my neck. Everything itches, make it stop make it stop make it stop burn the whole building kill it with fire nuke it from orbit!
Check out These Funny DRUNK Squirrels [VIDEOs]
It wasn't planned, but the video theme today is all about animals.
Earlier today, I posted the video of the 175 lbs pit bull, well now enjoy drunk squirrels
That's right...When squirrels eat old fruit that has fermented, they get "drunk".
I didn't know this was such a t…
Llamas Running Loose in Arizona [VIDEO]
Two Llamas were running loose on the streets of Sun City, Arizona earlier today.
Not sure where they escaped from but they led authorities on a good chase for a little while
Click here to see more of the  Llama chase from earlier today

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