Deer Hit By Car in Howell NJ Attacks Driver [VIDEO]
One of my biggest fears when driving on dark New Jersey roads at night is hitting a deer. It gives me anxiety because it happens to drivers all the time.
It happened to Ellen Sager of Howell a few weeks ago, but to make matters worse, the deer proceeded to attack her and her car AFTER the deer got hi…
Should All NJ Beaches Be Dog-Friendly?
As local summer gives way to fall, many of us still like to bring our dogs to the beach. One NJ town is considering letting man's best friend have access to the shore all summer long!
Take Your Dog on the Seaside Heights Beach this Wednesday
This Wednesday was supposed to be a big "National Dog Day" celebration in Seaside Heights, but due to a possible lawsuit, Seaside Heights has to cancel it this year, but is planning something big for 2017
However...You can still take your dog on the boardwalk and beach on Wednesday.…

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