Boss of the Sauce is back!!! This is our 10th year, and once again we are going to find out which restaurant on the jersey Shore has the BEST red based tomato sauce.

Of course once again WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Join us at Jenks in Point Pleasant Beach on Monday April 22nd to sample food from over 20 restaurants, and crown a restaurant “Boss of the Sauce”

Here is one of the restaurants participating in Boss of the Sauce.

Capone's in Toms River has been in business for 17 years. It's a family business that prides itself on great service and the freshest ingredients possible.

Right in the heart of downtown Toms River on Washington Street they offer great pizza AND a full menu as well. It's not easy to be in business for 17 years but when you sit down in their place for a little bit, and you taste their food, it's easy to understand why  they have been so successful!

This is their first time participating in Boss of the Sauce and they are thrilled to finally be a part of it.

We had a chance to sit down with one for the family owner's Jimmy for a Boss of the Sauce taste test.

You too can experience how wonderful it is as well at Boss of the Sauce on Monday April 22nd at Jenks in Point Pleasant.