It isn't Napa Valley, we can all agree on that.

But an article at claims that a part of New Jersey has more potential to be a great wine growing region than many of us might think.

That's because an area known as the Outer Coastal Plain could be the perfect place to produce fine wine in the U.S. This region has nearly the same sandy soil as Bordeaux and a climate that's ideal for winemaking.

I live near Atlantic City, close to a couple of wineries, and I always wondered why south Jersey couldn't be in the running to be one of the better areas of winemaking.

In a blind tasting, New Jersey wines were put up against some of the best French wines.

The panel included respected wine critics, with two of them from France.

The results? A near tie!

Do you buy New Jersey wine?

If not, will you buy it now that you know how good it can be?