Last month during The Hawk's Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon, when Andy chase selflessly lived on a billboard for 5 days to raise money for a great organization, I got the pleasure to see just how generous and caring Hawk listeners really are when so many of you opened your hearts and wallets to give whatever you could to help.   So when I recently received a letter in the mail from UNICEF to help with their Holiday Shopping List, I had to reach out to all of you on their behalf.  Of course, unlike our own personal lists, there are no toys or frivolous items on theirs but rather the gifts of life and survival, like clothes, blankets, and water purification tablets to help the victims of the recent monsoons in Bangladesh and Pakistan, and emergency nutrition and much more for the hundreds of thousands of families in refugee camps in Somalia and the Horn of Africa seeking help from the famine.  Please give here, and if our radiothon is any indication of how many of you genuinely care about others, I know you'll give whatever you can to help!