It was Saturday Night Live's turn  to take a shot at Bridgegate and Gov. Chris Christie on the NBC program's first new show since the story broke.

Governor Christie (played by Bobby Moynihan) interviewed by Piers Morgan (Taran Killam) on Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Bobby Moynihan once again played the governor as he was being being interviewed by CNN's Piers Morgan, played by Taran Killam and asked how he wasn't aware of the traffic in Fort Lee created by lane closures on the George Washington Bridge.

"I'm a busy man, Piers. I've got budgets to balance, teachers to yell at, I gotta work out five times a year...I can't keep track of every friggin' idiot I'm trying to screw over," Moynihan said while in character as the NJ governor.

Morgan even got in a question about the latest allegations that the Christie administration withheld Sandy relief funds from Hoboken over the mayor's lack of support for a development project. An irritated "Christie" said, "Let me ask you Piers. How long is your drive to work?" "Piers" said it was 15 minutes to which Christie responded, "It would be a real shame if something happened to it."  A surprised Morgan asked, "are you threatening me" to which Christie replied, "Am I?" as he held up a sign reading, "I am."

As part of the comedy skit, Christie promised that Bridgegate would not define the state and instead it would be defined by "organized crime, pizza, no-show jobs, a vague chemical smell and 'fuggetabout it.'"

The interview was part of the show's opening segment that included interviews with Alex Rodriguez, who tried to blame allegations of drug abuse on auto correct of his texts and Justin Bieber, who made several excuses for the egging incident with his neighbor including "Canadian tradition."