The causeway bridge that connects Manahawkin to Long Beach Island is over 50 years old and in desperate need of repair.  Unfortunately, the much needed improvement project has been pushed back until 2013.

Long Beach Township Mayor Joseph Mancini told APP:

“The new bridge has been needed for over a decade,” said Mancini, whose municipality is the island’s largest. “I don't understand the state’s lack of urgency on a project that accesses over $15 billion in real estate and over a million visitors a year. Would we even be having this conversation if LBI was in Bergen County?”

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It's easy to forget about the bridge's condition when halfway to LBI there stands a shack that has survived everything short of a nuclear explosion, but this is a situation that cannot be ignored.  The causeway bridge is the only way to get on and off Long Beach Island.

So which will still be standing come 2013, the bridge or the shack?