For the third straight year, a complaint has been lodged against the Brick Memorial Marching Mustang Band, this time involving the OC Board of Health.

According to the Brick Patch, Superintendent Richard Caldes is attending a meeting this week with the Board of Health regarding a noise complaint received from a neighbor of the high school about the band.

Last summer, Brick Police were called and shut down the band in the middle of practice. One neighbor seems to be at the center of the complaints.

The school was built in 1981, and the closest homes were built nearly a decade later. No matter how many years the complainer can claim they've lived here, the school and the band came first. You knew you were moving next to a school, none of this was a secret, so this is a YOU problem, not a THEM problem.

I was a member of the Marching Mustangs from 1996-2000, and I'm shocked that anyone would call the cops.

Varacchi with the Marching Mustangs

 Do you think this is a legitimate complaint?

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