Queen's Brian May is a devoted animal advocate, and this time he's taken to the streets of London on behalf of badgers to try to prevent a planned cull of the animals, plus, he's got some friends joining him with a new song to help the critters.

According to an article from The Guardian, Slash, Shara Nelson and David Attenborough have joined Brian May on a new song dedicated to badgers. "Badger Swagger", out today, is part of the England-wide campaign against this summer's planned badger hunts.

Yes, badgers can be mean when threatened (aren't we all?), but that doesn't mean they should be treated inhumanely.

An article on Voice of America reveals that Brian led a march on Saturday against the government's plan to shoot some 5,000 badgers.

Critics of the hunt argue that culls are not just inhumane, they are ineffective at controlling bTB (bovine tuberculosis).

Badger vaccination, which is commonly used in Wales, is seen as not just a more compassionate solution, but a successful and cost-effective one, as well.

“Thousands of badgers are going to be killed in a scheme which will not make life any easier for farmers,” May told the BBC. “We don't believe it will work. We don't believe it's humane. And there is a better option which is vaccination.”

By the way, Slash tweets: "(My solo) sounds like a badger riot or a bunch of hooligan badgers in a pub." :-D