First, here's wishing Brian Johnson a happy belated birthday, born on October 5, 1947. in Gateshead, England.

Second, as most of us know, Brian's other passion besides fronting AC/DC is racing.

In fact, you can find Brian’s latest racing schedule and buy the audiobook of his autobiography, Rockers & Rollers, read by Brian himself, at his racing website, brianracingcom.

What most of us didn't know is that in a strange music realm twist we didn't see coming, Brian is a guest on Sting's new album.

That's right, I said Sting.

‘The Last Ship’ hit stores on Sept. 24.

According to, Brian can be heard on the song "Sky Hooks and Tartan Paint", which is one of eight bonus tracks on the super deluxe edition of the album.

The collection is the soundtrack to a theater production of the same name set to debut on Broadway in 2014.