If you regularly visit bragging camp, you are being unfriended on facebook as you read this, you ego-bloated tool.

According to a survey in Britain, the main reason people unfriend others is because they get tired of people showing off.

Bragging was listed as the most common reason for deleting someone on Facebook, and 68 per cent of those surveyed admitted they unfriended someone for boasting on the social networking site.

I have to say that personally, though I have an awesome job,a great house, incredible friends and pretty much a charmed life, I never share that on facebook for that reason.

Kidding, of course.  :-D

Seriously, I have to hold myself back from bitching about life and remembering that 1) most people don't want to hear it and 2) bitching is almost as bad as bragging.


And nearly as many people (61%) said they couldn't stand hearing any more about a facebook friend's happy romance and how much they adored their partner.

What has caused you to unfriend someone?