Not that we didn't already sort of know that, at least the part about the Savior.

But he confessed both of these things out loud at the TED Conference in California recently.

By the way, Bono celebrates a birthday today, born on May 10, 1960 in Dublin, Ireland.

I get the Jesus part, but let's look at why he starts feeling randy by data collation (hey, we all have strange quirks and fetishes, so I'm not judging).

It was during a speech concerning world poverty at the Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference in Southern California recently that he said he believed technology could actually wipe out extreme poverty by 2030.


Speaking to the audience, which included Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Bono went on to say that more people with Aids are getting life-saving treatment and that deaths from Malaria have dropped. He also said the child mortality rate has fallen, with 7,256 fewer children dying each day than 10 years ago.

He said the rate is still too high but it's still "mindblowing" and if the "Zero Zone" is finally reached, it's the "erogenous zone" for number crunchers like himself.

U2 is currently at work on their 13th album, which is believed will be titled "10 Reasons to Exist".

Happy birthday to a great musician and humanitarian who walks his talk (and admits to strange sexual fantasies)!