I come from one….they are nosey and loud and I wouldn’t have it any other way….My Grandmother is one of eight brothers and sisters who all have 3-4 kids…and they all have 3-4 kids….expect for me….i’m an only child!!

Bringing someone home to meet the family for the first time is usually extremely stressful…..imagine walking into a room with 30+ people who you have never meet and everyone turns and looks at you at the same time…..they all start to come up to you….wanting to know your name…shake your hand…..tell you…”If you break Christinas heart I’ll come and find you” lol HAHA I’m joking….or am I?? In all seriousness my family is very loving and welcoming and I love them all very much.

Lol Here are some photos for you to enjoy for my cousins 30th Birthday Party!