After much anticipation the iphone 5 was finally revealed this morning at a press conference in San Francisco.

This is the thinnest phone Apple has made yet to date , and they are saying that it's thinnest smartphone on the market. It is made  of glass and aluminum

Some of the features of the new phone include:

  • a new, larger 4-inch display
  • updated software
  • better speakers and microphones
  • 1080p HD video
  • the 8-megapixel camera now has a panorama feature built in
  • wide-band audio makes voices sound much more natural
  • a new A6 chip
  • longer battery life
  • a new connector and dock
  • Siri updates

So after all the speculation and anticipation, was the new iPhone 5 worth the wait? Are you going to get it?

Click here to see the video of the new iPhone5