Fine..... I'll accept $180,000. I think for something like this, I could throw in the other $10,000.

Think about it. How cool would it be to arrive at a club, restaurant, or a concert in YOUR very own personal Hovercraft? That would certainly be making quite an entrance.

I'm sure getting women will be a lot easier right?

Why Should George Jetson get to have all the fun?


I know $190,000 IS a lot of money. Actually it is a crazy amount of money, but just think how great it will be to avoid summer traffic. Starting to make a little sense now isn't it?

How about the Hawk Hovercraft? I can visualize it now. Dropping out t-shirts and concert tickets all over the Jersey Shore.  Put the 105.7 The Hawk logo all over it. That would be pretty bad ass.

Why couldn't I win the Mega Millions? With F-U money, comes F-U toys!

THIS is an F-U Toy! Here's some more info about the Hovercraft.

By the way, my birthday is June 23rd. Just sayin'.