In 1994 OJ Simpson had the most famous low speed car chase in U.S history. Sunday in Toms River, NJ there was another low speed chase, this time, the person was just hiding drugs & was in no way famous. Matthew Thoms is accused of numerous charges after slowly avoiding the police, & eventually crashing into a person's backyard. Apparently Thoms had drugs in the car & that is what caused his actions. I never understand the low speed chase. Isn't the actual point of running from the police to get away? The high speed chase is highly unlikely to be successful due to the helicopter in the sky but isn't that at least showing an effort? Why bother with the low speed chase? You get charged with the same crimes as a high speed but with a 0% chance of success.

This shows you the damage drugs & alcohol can do to your life. I really wonder what goes through the mind of people who put drugs in their vehicles visible to police. How is that a plan for life success? Forget the fact that you may kill somebody on the road; why do something that makes you SO crazy you think driving around slowly will shake the cops? I am just having a tough time wrapping my head around this story. Is the low speed car chase EVER worth it? Say NO to drugs people.