It's Monday! Sometimes the brain doesn't work as well as other days during the week, especially after a beautiful spring weekend on the Jersey Shore.

So today I am starting a new feature called "Andy Chase's Random Thought Of The Day". Plain and simple, thoughts in MY brain. And boy do I have a lot of them!

Earlier I was having lunch, and wanted some potato chips. I decided on Herr's Potato Chips. Something about the Creamy Dill Pickle flavor caught my attention, so I figured let's give it a shot. I like Pickles on sandwiches. So...Let's go for it!!

As I was eating my chips (they were quite good by the way), I noticed the picture on the package was a DJ "spinning" music on 2 turntables. However one turntable was  NOT a record player. It was a POTATO CHIP!! Pretty clever I would say. Potato Chips are usually round. Turntables are round too. Good job Herr's marketing team.


What does Creamy Dill Pickle flavored chips have to do with a DJ spinning music? Is the DJ in question named "DJ Dill Pickle"? Doubtful. Why doesn't the BBQ flavored Chips have a DJ on the bag? What about Baby Back Ribs Flavor ? Or Salt and Vinegar? See what I mean? Just doesn't make sense to me.

Not that it's a big deal of course, but these are just things that go through this brain of mine. Keeps me thinking! So random.

Here's another little random "tidbit". Herr's calls this flavor of chips "Dillicious".  Get it? Clever again.

You have any random thoughts?  Could be anything. Hence the name "random". Feel free to share in the comment section below


Someone at Herr's read my blog! Big thanks for the hook up!