I certainly hope not!!!!!!

On yesterday's Free Beer and Hot Wings show, the guys were talking about a prank that was recorded on video, which is called the three-man deadlift.

Basically the victim of the prank is going to get bare ass cheeks in his face.

The "prankster" tells the "victim" that he can lift up three guys at once who are arms-locked lying on the floor. The victim is "Locked in" with a dude on each side of him.

The prankster stands over the tree arm locked guys pretending he is going to lift all three guys up but instead proceeds to drop his pants and give the "stink-face" to the guy in the middle. Hilarity ensues!!

Here's the video

Somehow, Andy Chase's name got brought up to be part of this during the live show when Free Beer & Hot Wings broadcasts live from the River Rock June 27th .

I'm thinking though that it will be Producer Steve who will get the worst of it. Listen here