But about 11,000 people in New Jersey have signed an online petition supporting the secession of New Jersey from the United State of America.

(Note to the 11,000: Perhaps you can post-date it? We need FEMA at the moment).

Thousands have done likewise in other states (the video above is a few days old now, so the figures are now higher).

According to an online article:

In the days since President Obama was re-elected, visitors to the WhiteHouse.gov site  We the People have submitted a wave of petitions calling on Obama to allow 36 states to peacefully secede from the United States.

Ironically, states that obtained enough signatures (at least 25,000) to elicit a response from the White House (Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina — with the exception of Alabama) were some of the largest recipients of federal funding in 2010.