We all know reading is very important for children to learn. Too many kids are watching rubbish television and playing video games instead of enjoying a good book. It is harder and harder for teachers & parents to get kids to read. 1 California school tried to convince a group of 1st graders in a very interesting way. . . . .They had adult film star Sasha Grey read to the class. Grey, a multiple time AVN award winner (the Oscars of adult films), upset a ton of parents who think it was wrong to let her read to the class. I think these parents are crazy. She didn't announce herself as an adult film star. She has been in mainstream movies such as The Girlfriend Experience & on the HBO program Entourage. I would be mad if it were a 6th grade class because they may be familiar with her work. They also may have the ability to look it up.

In a world where people become famous for having adult relations on film isn't it time we stop being angry at adult film stars? There would probably be less outrage if Paris Hilton read to kids, but isn't she famous for the same reason? At least adult films stars are honest about what they do. I think the parents need to relax a little and just be happy that the kids got the hear a good book read to them. Am I crazy?