It might be good news for fans of AC/DC or it might be bad news, but it's more than likely the latter, unfortunately.

The band might be breaking up OR they might be ready to record a new album.

According to

Insiders tell Billboard that there's no truth to the breakup rumor, though the group's management and Columbia Records, its current label, have chosen not to comment on the matter.

Earlier, billboard had reported that the band was back in the news in their homeland, with some reports suggesting they were about to draw the curtains on a hugely successful career due to illness in the band.

It was reported that founding guitarist and songwriter Malcolm Young had returned to Australia with his family and that he had suffered a blood clot resulting from a recent stroke.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that, “He is believed to be unable to continue playing, although there has not been any explanation why.”

However, the newspaper also reported that the band is booked into a recording studio in Vancouver for six weeks starting on May 1st, but that was likely booked before Malcolm fell ill.