Yesterday morning, a man ran out of gas while driving home. He did what anyone would do: pulled over to the shoulder, set up his drum kit, and began to play until help arrived.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland state troopers eventually spotted the drummer and pulled over to investigate. He told the troopers he'd decided to kill time by practicing. The troopers bought the man's story, called a State Highway Administration truck to refill his tank, and then sent him on his way without issuing a citation.

A police spokesperson didn't identify the mystery drummer.

Joseph Siedel / Baltimore Sun

I've been drumming pretty much my entire life, and I have to give this guy a ton of credit. It takes a long freaking time to set up a full drumkit, especially if it was completely broken down in your car. He doesn't appear to be driving a van or anything with a large amount of space, so I assume he just packed it all in the trunk and backseat. It's time-consuming to set up all those drums and cymbal stands and pedals. He must've been hanging around for a long time before the cops rolled up. Rock on, bro!